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Give Your Child an Early Start

Sign up for infant daycare in Texarkana, TX

Invest in your child's future. Enroll them at Kinder Kollege Learning Center and Daycare LLC in Texarkana, TX. Here, they'll make friends with other kids their age and engage in fun learning activities. We open early in the morning so you can drop them off before work.

Daycare is a great option since it prepares your child for grade school. Make the transition to the next phase of their lives easier. Call now to learn more about our infant daycare center in Texarkana, TX. (903)793-5802

Your child's social life begins here

Your child learns best with children their own age. That's why we have four different age groups for our students:

1. Freshmen: infants and children who can walk
2. Sophomores: toddlers
3. Juniors: pre-school children
4. Seniors: school-age children and children in after-school care

We make sure that each group gets equal attention. Contact Kinder Kollege Learning Center and Daycare in Texarkana, TX today to schedule a tour.